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Open source projects or works

Project Namedescribelink
peaAdopting SpringBoot3.2 + JDK21, MyBatis-Plus, SpringSecurity security framework, etc., suitable for the simple permission system developed by soybean-admin。
electron-mock-adminA Mock Api management system that helps front-end developers quickly implement interface mocks.
T-ShellA terminal emulator and SSH client with configurable command prompts.
MalusAdminA backend management framework developed based on Vue3/TypeScript/NaiveUI and NET7 & Sqlsugar. It is implemented in the most original and simplest way, with a fresh and elegant front-end, a clear and elegant backend structure, and powerful functions.
PanisAdminAdopting SpringBoot 3, SaToken, MySQL and other frameworks to develop and modify soybean-admin for the second time, adapting dynamic menu/button-level authorization. Retaining the original flavor, fresh and elegant, high-value back-end management system scaffold.
snail-jobA distributed task retry and task scheduling platform with "high performance, high value and high activity".
SuperApiQuickly turn your idea into an online stable product! Entity-less library and table building, add, delete, change and check entity-less library table, support 15 kinds of condition query, as well as paging, list, unlimited tree list and other functions of the API deployment! With interface documentation, Auth authorisation, interface flow restriction, access to the client's real IP, advanced server caching components, dynamic APIs and other features, we look forward to your experience!
FastSoyAdminA modern Management Platform based on FastAPI+Vue3+Naive UI.

Publish under the MIT license