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SoybeanAdmin is a fresh, elegant, high-quality, and powerful backend management template, based on the latest front-end technology stack, including Vue3, Vite5, TypeScript, Pinia, and UnoCSS. It has built-in rich theme configurations and components, strict code specifications, and implements an automated file routing system. In addition, it also adopts an online Mock data solution based on ApiFox. SoybeanAdmin provides you with a one-stop backend management solution, no additional configuration required, ready to use. It is also a best practice for quickly learning cutting-edge technology.


  • Application of cutting-edge technology: Adopt the latest popular technology stack such as Vue3, Vite5, TypeScript, Pinia, and UnoCSS.
  • Clear project architecture: Adopt pnpm monorepo architecture, with a clear and elegant structure.
  • Strict code specifications: Follow the SoybeanJS specification, integrated with eslint, prettier, and simple-git-hooks to ensure code standardization.
  • TypeScript: Supports strict type checking to improve code maintainability.
  • Rich theme configuration: Built-in diverse theme configurations, perfectly combined with UnoCSS.
  • Built-in internationalization scheme: Easily achieve multi-language support.
  • Automated file routing system: Automatically generate route imports, declarations, and types. For more details, please check Elegant Router.
  • Flexible permission routing: Support both front-end static routing and back-end dynamic routing.
  • Rich page components: Built-in diverse pages and components, including 403, 404, 500 pages, and layout components, tag components, theme configuration components, etc.
  • Command line tools: Built-in efficient command line tools, git submission, file deletion, publishing, etc.
  • Mobile adaptation: Perfectly support mobile devices, achieve adaptive layout.



For the convenience of users, the main branch defaults to a simplified version, retaining only the core framework content and not including high business examples. If you need more example references, you can switch to the example branch, which previews the content presented by the address and includes the complete example menu.


  • The documentation address is soybean-admin-docs, developed with Vitepress. If you find any errors in the documentation, please help us improve by submitting a pr.

Basic knowledge you need to master

This project is based on Vue3, Vite, TS development, and all use Vue3's script-setup method. It is recommended to learn the following content before development, understanding and learning these knowledge in advance will be very helpful for understanding the project:

Browser Support

Local development is recommended using Chrome 100+ browser

Supports modern browsers, does not support IE

IEIE EdgeEdgeFirefoxFirefoxChromeChromeSafariSafari
not supportlast 2 versionslast 2 versionslast 2 versionslast 2 versions

How to Join Us

  • SoybeanAdmin is still being updated. This project welcomes your participation, joint maintenance, gradual improvement, and making the project stronger. The project adopts the MIT open source license, adheres to the principle of everything being free, and in principle will not charge any fees or copyrights, so you can use it with confidence.
  • If you want to join us, you can provide more good suggestions or submit pr, we will invite you to join based on your activity.

Publish under the MIT license