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Route Caching


Route caching is implemented through the keep-alive component of vue-router. The keep-alive component caches the state of the component. When the component is visited again, it will directly take the component from the cache, instead of creating a new component. Since the keep-alive component uses the name attribute of the component as the key for caching, the page components in the project have been automatically injected with the name attribute through the @elegant-router/vue plugin, so you only need to set the keepAlive field of the meta attribute in the route data. The multi-level route caching of vue-router has problems, so the route data in the project has been converted into two-level routes to ensure that each route can be cached normally.


By setting the keepAlive field in the meta attribute of the route data, you can control whether the route is cached.

{ name: 'about', path: '/about', component: 'layout.base$view.about', meta: { title: 'about', keepAlive: true } }

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